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Cost Per Pointcast, Ep 57: JG Pageau for MVP

Talking about Pageau’s incredible start, Nick Paul’s emergence, pending UFAs and more!

Ottawa Senators v New Jersey Devils

With the Sens having a winning record in their last ten games, Colin and Trevor look at the Sens’ recent performance in the latest episode of the Cost Per Pointcast. Is Pageau’s hot streak sustainable, or should he be a trade trip at the deadline? What have we learned from the emergence of Nick Paul? What ice cream flavour best describes Anders Nilsson? All that are more are discussed in episode 57.

Time stamps are below:

0:00 — Intro

1:19 — Pageau’s fantastic start

10:40 — Which upcoming UFAs should be traded?

18:34 — Nick Paul firming his role

22:03 — Early team statistics

28:21 — Prospect talk

37:34 — Listener questions

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Thanks for listening!