Is The Team Actually For Sale This Time?


Sportsnet insider Chris Johnston has caught my attention today. I don’t know if I believe what he is saying or if it is bs but I wanted to bring it to your attention and let the public decide for themselves. Chris was asked about sens ownership and where Melnyk stands. Chris Johnston starts off with a bomb and says, "we believe the team is for sale".

Chris goes on to say that while its not a full blown for sale sign on the team Melnyk has engaged in talks over the last year to try and find a buyer although the number would have to be extremely high. To close things off he says that there is a possibility the team is sold because he believes there is an appetite to see what is out there from Eugene Melnyk.

WOW just wow honestly if this proves to be true that is huge news. It kind of contradicts what the tsn insiders have been saying but it is a big piece of news. Here is the link to the article if you wanted to hear for yourself go to the 17:40 mark.

Also as much as I love the sens I am also very passionate about music. I have a song coming out Friday called Rain it would be so special for me if you could follow this link to presave the song. It’s a pop/edm song if you like that sort of thing!

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