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This Amelnykan Life Episode 1: Real Bloggers

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A brand new Sens podcast premieres on Silver Seven!

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NHL: New York Rangers at Philadelphia Flyers John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

In the first episode of This Amelnykan Life, Beata and Poppy introduce themselves, discuss the thick thighs and cruel lies that occupied Sens fans last year, and spill the tea on what it’s like to be an Ottawa Senators Digital Influencer.

You can tweet prompts, comments, or complaints to @CBeataE and @coolcatmum.

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Music this week is Good Luck by All Day Breakfast. You can find this and more of their music at

Our artwork is by Angus Fitzgerald-Clark.

This Amelnykan Life is written, narrated and produced by Beata Elliott and Poppy Fitzgerald-Clark on unceded Algonquin and Mi’kmaq territory.

You can find more of Beata’s work on and Poppy’s Senstrology can be found at