Overevaluating and Overusing Prospects

What happened with Chris Wideman reminds me that we have had a string of defencemen prospects who have been overevaluated and overused. Wideman played quite alot of top pairing minutes in his development. When we traded him away, he could not find a team that wanted him, and he ended up being waived out of the league. Usually when a right-handed dman gets moved, with the shortage of right-handed dmen out there he ends up at least on the 3rd pairing.

For a couple of years now, I have wondered why Wolanin hasn't ever gotten a chance to show what he can do even though he does everything better than most of our prospects. Finally he got a chance this year.

I have to come to the conclusion that we are WAY WAY better at evaluating forwards than we are dmen, going back to Cowen who was pretty much given the top pairing role from the first time he put on a Sens jersey, and he did not succeed, and even more it ruined him.

Gryba, Wiercoch, none of these prospects ever found a home elsewhere even though they played a Hell of alot of minutes here. Would Boro be able to make any other team? I wonder.

We are alot better at drafting forwards. Or is it just that you win some and you lose some, and we draft more forwards?

Anyways, this is a BIG problem because our biggest defect as a team is that we just cannot defend, even when Chabot is healthy.

I hope we do some serious work on our defence and find some guys who can defend..

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