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Zack Smith Placed On Waivers

Longest serving Senator being pushed out

NHL: Florida Panthers at Ottawa Senators Marc Desrosiers / Agence QMI

In a bit of a surprising move, the Senators have placed Zack Smith on waivers this morning. While the move makes sense financially, I am surprised that the Senators were not able to get a pick for him even with his overpaid contract. Although Dreger and Pagnotta both confirmed there were failed efforts to trade him last season and in the summer mainly due to his hefty contract and Sens inability to take on a contract in return.

It will be sad to see him go as he was one of the last standing veteran favourites of mine but it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that he was not going to finish the season in Ottawa (or start it as it’s now apparent). This move will also open a roster spot for one of the young players fitting the theme of a younger team which would be the only explanation for the timing of the move. With 3 years remaining on an expensive contract, it will be interesting to see who/if he will be claimed; my vote goes to the Sharks.

Zack Smith played 542 regular season games with the Senators with his best season coming in 2015/2016 where he scored 36 points (25G, 11A) and has significantly regressed since.

Again, I’m surprised at the timing and the fact that they couldn’t get anything for him but then again we all know this isn’t about hockey in any way. Another sad day in Sens land, at least for me.