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Sterling Predictions: Brady Tkachuk

Will Braeden do enough to stick with the big club?

NHL: Preseason-Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Brady Tkachuk has three options for this season: sticking with the Senators, playing in Belleville in the AHL, or joining the London Knights in the OHL. Where will he play the bulk of this season? Bonus: how many NHL games will he make it into?

Spencer: Since I watch Belleville regularly, I’d love to say Belleville selfishly. But I think he’ll spend the season in London after seeing a solid 9-game stint in Ottawa. He’ll likely play well enough to stay but with “veteran rookies” like White, Brown, Chlapik ahead of him, Boucher will probably opt to give them a shot and allow Tkachuk to (hopefully) dominate the OHL.

Ary: This is a hard question, because I really think the Sens are going to give Tkachuk every opportunity to make the team this season and play alongside good players -- Stone and Pageau -- even though I’d personally send him to London.

Colin: With emphasis being put on the ‘next generation’ coming from the front office, I really believe that they have full intention to keep Tkachuk on the roster. It was a hard decision for him to leave Boston University, and I don’t think he would’ve done it if he didn’t think he had a chance to crack the roster. He’ll play 70+ games next season... I’ll guess 75.

B_T: I think he’ll spend the most time in Ottawa, playing 58 games with the big club.

NKB: The Sens’ organization is head-over-heels for this kid and they desperately need something to market to the fans to distract from the Karlsson trade (and the uncertain futures of Matt Duchene and Mark Stone). I think he’ll ending up playing the bulk of his games in the NHL, even if he isn’t quite up to the task yet -- though I doubt he’ll be totally overwhelmed. I foresee 65 NHL games for the promising rookie.

Beata: The Sens love Tkachuk and they’re clearly trying to market a rebuild right now, so I think he’ll get 70 games in the NHL.

Brandon: I think we’ll see Tkachuk with the big club this year. He was a man among boys at the rookie tournament, and the team needs to give fans every incentive to come to the rink after the God-awful Karlsson trade. This “rebuild” will feature a heavy focus on him.

Dewie: With the way the Sens are marketing him, no way he doesn’t see big time in Ottawa. I just hope he isn’t rushed in a role larger than he can handle. I would say he gets at least 60 games in Ottawa with some conditioning games in Belleville.

Ross: I’m a big fan of disagreeing with the majority to win big and lose small. That being said, I think my colleagues are right in that Tkachuk isn’t going anywhere. The Sens need someone to market and it’ll likely be him. I think he’ll get into 65 NHL games just to remind us of a certain missing someone.


How many NHL games will Brady Tkachuk get this year?

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