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Sterling Predictions: Mikkel Boedker

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Can Boedker top 40 points?

Ottawa Senators v San Jose Sharks Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Sens were deliberate in acquiring a roster player in the Mike Hoffman trade, but that roster player was Mikkel Boedker who’s developed a bit of a reputation for disappointing. He scored 51 points between the Avalanche and Coyotes in 2015-16, but has put up 26- and 37-point seasons with the Sharks. Will he top 40 points for the Sens? Bonus: how many points will he score?

Spencer: I think Boedker will be forced further up the lineup than he should be, due to a lack of experience and a coach who loves his veterans. I expect to see Boedker playing in all situations and likely as a top 6 winger unless a rookie blows him out of the water. I think he’ll top 40 but not my much, maybe he goes for 44 points on the season.

Ary: Boedker seems like a nice player, but I’m going to guess 27 points because I’m doubtful that this team will score many goals. That mark would’ve had him ranked 7th among team forwards last season, which sounds about right for a player of his calibre. I’m also unsure of whether Boedker will receive full-time top-six minutes, and instead, he’ll bounce between the second and third lines.

Colin: This one’s a bit more tricky, because it will depend a lot on his teammates. In 2016-17 his most common linemates were Logan Couture and Patrick Marleau, and last season they were Chris Tierney (coincidence?) and Couture again. If he gets placed on the first line next to Stone and Duchene, I’d call that an upgrade, and say he beats 40 points that way. Any other scenario, however, and I think it stays below. Prediction: Boedker will score 31 points, after being passed by Dzingel and possibly Tkachuk on the depth chart after a couple weeks.

B_T: Not a chance. It took shooting at 30% on the PP last season to get to 37, and I don’t see that happening again. He’ll end up at 29 points.

NKB: Boedker is extremely reliant on power play production to boost his point totals, so much will depend on whether he spends time on the first unit. He wouldn’t be my first choice to go out there along side Stone and Duchene, but weirder things have happened. I’ll pencil him in for 35 points and some mild consternation from the fan-base.

Beata: No. I think he gets 25 points because this team is bad and the Sharks were not bad last year.

Brandon: If Boedker sees playing time with the likes of Duchene and Stone, I see no reason why he can’t break 40 points. He’s not really old enough where his age will be a factor, so if he stays healthy and performs well enough to stay in the Top 6, I think he’ll score just above 40 points. Somewhere in the ballpark of 42 would be my guess, but I could be overly optimistic.

Dewie: If he gets good PP time, he may be able to rack some points, I don’t think enough for 40 though. I’d say somewhere around 32 points.

Ross: On the one hand, he’ll probably be on the Sens’ second line. On the other hand, knowing how Boucher does stuff (hello Mike Hoffman with Tom Pyatt on the third line!), that means his linemates will be something like Chris Tierney and Zack Smith. So I predict he’ll top out at 31 points.


Will Mikkel Boedker score at least 40 points?

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