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Sterling Predictions: Bobby Ryan’s Injuries

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Will Bobby’s fingers stay healthy this year?

Ottawa Senators v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Bobby Ryan has struggled with injuries basically since making it to Ottawa. Last year, finger injuries limited him to 62 games. Will Ryan play more than 60 games this year? Bonus: predict his number of games played.

Spencer: This is Bobby Ryan’s year! He’s going to play in 70 games this season, missing 12 with a broken finger of course.

Ary: Yes, though I’m not sure if all will be with the Senators. I’ll go with 71 games.

Colin: The only time Bobby Ryan has played less than 60 games in a season was during the 2012-13 lockout year, so that’s an easy prediction from me (he’ll play 73 games). Whether or not he’ll be effective is another question.

B_T: I’ll say he hits 76 this season.

NKB: The specifics of Ryan’s injuries are always a bit vague, but once you’ve broken as many bones in his hands as he has your risk of re-injury is through the roof. It’d take a minor miracle for him to play all 82, and since this season is unlikely to carry much by the way of consequences I suspect he won’t be trying to rush back if gets hurt. I think Ryan gets into 55 games this season.

Beata: I think he’ll play 70 games, but he won’t stand out in any of them.

Brandon: Ryan’s 31 years old with a history of injuries, and he hasn’t played a full season in 2012, granted he came close in 2016 when he played 81. He’s played 62 games in each of the last two seasons, I guess I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play more than 60 games, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were less either. In any event, I don’t think Ryan plays more than 70 games this year.

Dewie: The thing with Ryan is I want him to do well because we can’t get rid of him but I just don’t trust his health or drive to be honest. Im going to give him 58 games.

Ross: I don’t think he’ll make it. I think he’ll actually have a different freak injury, non-finger related, and he’ll make it into just 52 games.


Will Bobby Ryan play in at least 60 games?

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