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Sterling Predictions: Goaltending

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Who will get the starts this year?

Ottawa Senators v New Jersey Devils
I think we have four photos with both these guys in it, so I’m sure you’ve seen this one a dozen times
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Goaltending was a huge issue for the team last year. The team seems to be really be betting on Craig Anderson to bounce back. Will Anderson start at least 60 games this season? (He started 55 last year.) Bonus: how many games will each goalie start?

Spencer: I don’t think Anderson will start 60 games this year. It’ll more likely be 50-55, given his age and the lack of talent in front of him making it more likely that he’s getting loaded with shots more often than not. I’d say Anderson starts 52, Condon starts 25 and let’s just toss 5 games to Mike McKenna in injury relief.

Ary: I’m going to guess no, and will predict 51 starts for Anderson, 28 starts for Condon, and 3 starts for Gustavsson.

Colin: If last year’s deployment is any indication, I think they’ll try to keep the same 1A and 1B rotation, meaning Anderson won’t play above 60 games. Prediction: Anderson plays 42, Condon plays 25, and I’ll go off the board to say that the remaining 15 will be played by a combo of Mike McKenna, someone acquired via trade or waivers, and a very short end-of-season stint from Gustavsson.

B_T: I’ll take the under. 55 feels about right for Andy again this season. I’ll say 26 for Condon, and McKenna will get 1.

NKB: If the Senators are really going to commit to a rebuild. Craig Anderson should be one of the players they’re most anxious to trade given his age and his contract. I think he’ll only last half a season in Ottawa, so he’ll start 35 games, Condon will start 35 and Filip Gustavsson will find himself guarding the crease for the other 12.

Beata: I think Anderson gets 40, Condon gets 30, and the other 12 are played by a mystery goaltender the Sens acquire at the deadline after trading Anderson.

Brandon: It depends on three things. The play of Anderson, obviously, the play of Mike Condon, and the play of minor league goaltenders like McKenna, Hogberg, and Gustavsson. I don’t see Andy playing more than 55 games, unless he comes out and plays like he did in 2017 again.

Dewie: I don’t see much of a market for Andy so I don’t expect him to be traded. I also feel Andy can bounce back from last season and may want to even be one of the heroes on the team. I don’t trust any other goalie in the organization at this point and I think if healthy Andy will shoulder the majority of games. I would say 62 games for Andy, 10 for Condon and 10 for McKenna (because I don’t see Condon being part of the team all season).

Ross: I’m shocked people think there’s a trade market for Andy. I don’t think there is, but I also see Condon struggling right out of the gate, so I think Anderson will get 61 starts, Condon will get 15, Filip Gustavsson gets 5 and Marcus Hogberg gets 1, with Dorion ordering Boucher to give both of them starts as the season winds down.


How many games will Craig Anderson start?

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