Living in Fear Just Doesn't Cut It

Ray Ferraro said something in an interview that was very interesting. He said the best coaches encourage mistakes and rather than punish players for making them, because that breeds players that live in fear and that greatly hinders their development.... wheras players learn from their mistakes and don't need their noses rubbed in it.

Does this sound familiar? Whenever Boucher talks about developing our players he focusses on that they will make mistakes. He is obviously petrified of this, and so he limits what the young players can do and punishes their mistakes with less and less ice time until their performance deteriorates to nothing.

If you are watching the Vegas Golden Knights, you can see what can happen to players when the coach operates out of encouragement rather than punishment.

Now I don't know if Boucher learned anything this past year and what he will do with the new crop of kids now that alot of his so called "veterans" that he leaned on are gone. We shall see.

In all my years of coaching hockey, one thing I learned is that players usually end up performing the way I "expect" them to, so if I expect mistakes, I am right every time they make one. Negative attitude yields lack of, or at least retarded development.

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