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Sens drop two spots; will pick 4th in 2018 Draft

Luck isn’t in Ottawa’s favour tonight as Carolina and Montreal move up.

Ottawa Senators v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Coming into the draft with the second-worst record in the league, the Senators had a 13.5% chance of drafting first overall and a 38.8% chance of drafting in the top three. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t in the Senators favour tonight as the team dropped two spots to draft fourth — the most likely option given the way the draft lottery is set-up.

At the second intermission of the Sharks - Golden Knights game, we’ll find out whether Ottawa will have to face another number one overall pick in their division (Buffalo, Montreal). If you’re like me, you’re hoping that Carolina — also in the running for a top-three pick after finishing the year with the tenth worst record — grabs the top selection.

Here’s how it played out:

Draft Lottery Odds

Rank Post-Lottery Results Original Team Odds (%)
Rank Post-Lottery Results Original Team Odds (%)
1 TBD Buffalo Sabres 18.5
2 TBD Ottawa Senators 13.5
3 TBD Arizona Coyotes 11.5
4 Ottawa Senators Montreal Canadiens 9.5
5 Arizona Coyotes Detroit Red Wings 8.5
6 Detroit Red Wings Vancouver Canucks 7.5
7 Vancouver Canucks Chicago Blackhawks 6.5
8 Chicago Blackhawks New York Rangers 6.0
9 New York Rangers Edmonton Oilers 5.0
10 Edmonton Oilers New York Islanders 3.5
11 New York Islanders Carolina Hurricanes 3.0
12 Calgary Flames (pick to NYI) Calgary Flames 2.5
13 Dallas Stars Dallas Stars 2.0
14 St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues 1.5
15 Florida Panthers Florida Panthers 1.0

It’ll be an nervous couple of hours as we await whether the top pick goes to the hated Habs. Stay tuned for more details.