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Tom Anselmi Leaves the Ottawa Senators’ Front Office

Anselmi was named president just over a year ago.

Scotiabank NHL100 Classic - Press Conference & Legacy Project Ground Breaking Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/NHLI via Getty Images

On January 26th 2017, it was announced that Cyril Leeder, one of the founders of the Ottawa Senators, would be stepping down from his role as president, and replaced by Tom Anselmi.

Just over a year later, Anselmi is leaving the Sens’ organization.

Anselmi was brought in for his experience in land development, having helped build the Rogers Centre and Air Canada Centre in Toronto, as well as the Rogers Arena in Vancouver. With the Sens’ camp winning the negotiation rights with the NCC to develop a downtown arena at LeBreton Flats, Anselmi seemed like a great fit for what was ahead. And although he was able to bring completion to the land agreement, the long negotiation process hasn’t gone any further than that.

Even though he was only here for a year, Anselmi’s mark on the organization is still evident. He was a key player in bringing the NHL 100 Classic to Ottawa, plus a multitude of other festivities including the rink on parliament hill. What may be more lasting, however, is the gradual rebrand he has brought shifting to the Heritage O, going as far as bringing back the NHL 100 jerseys for a handful of regular season home games.

As for Anselmi’s motive to leave, it’s important to acknowledge that no further information has been revealed at this point. However, observing trends within the organization, there’s been a lot of members leaving in the last two years. From Leeder, to Peter O’Leary, to Daniel Alfredsson, one has to look at Melnyk and wonder how much tension he’s bringing to the team. From the lawsuit allegations to his infamous comments on the eve of the NHL 100 Classic, his case for being a competent NHL owner continues to diminish.

Anselmi’s replacement has yet to be announced.