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Blue Jackets Double Up on Now Last Place Sens

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Another frustrating loss to end the year

Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

After the terrible year Sens fans have had to endure from this team, it would’ve been nice to see a win tonight. Instead, the Ottawa Senators are officially dead last in the league. I will try to be as objective as possible in this recap, but the anger levels are just reaching new heights at this point.

The Blue Jackets came out flying and played the way you would expect a well-rested team to perform. The Senators could have easily lost this game in the first period if it wasn’t for the heroics of Marcus Hogberg. In only his second game in the NHL, Hogberg looked like a seasoned vet making multiple key saves. The Sens eventually settled down and evened the play with the Blue Jackets. The period ended scoreless with the Blue Jackets out-shooting the Sens 7-5.

The second period looked to be more promising as both teams were pushing to score the first goal. Ryan Dzingel broke the scoreless tie with a beautiful goal and things started to look hopeful. As would be with the Sens, a minute later the Blue Jackets tie the game and the period ended with a 1-1 score.

The third period was one for the ages, unfortunately with the worst ending possible. Early on in the period, the Senators managed to kill a dangerous looking power play. What they didn’t manage to do was successfully get out of their own zone after that kill ended. Completely drained, the Blue Jackets capitalize on an easy goal to make it 2-1. The Sens seemed to be slowly pushing as the period went on but so were the Blue Jackets. One thing was becoming very clear, the defense on this team has become even more unbearable than anyone could have imagined. To make matters worse, the Blue Jackets make it 3-1 on an own goal by no other than Cody Ceci. At what point do the Sens give up on this experiment? Luckily, the Sens evened up the odd goals when a Borowiecki shot on net hits the leg of David Savard and into the net. It seemed like maybe things would go our way? Dzingel who was having a fantastic game, finished a pass from Duchene (initially intended for White) to tie the game. Could it be? The Blue Jackets almost made it 4-3 but the goal was disallowed as it was deemed goalie interference. Another lucky break for the Sens. A New Years eve miracle? Nope. With 2 minutes left, Werenski gets around Ceci to score the game winner. With the game at 4-3, the Sens allow two empty net goals to end a terrible year in hockey.

I have to say between the break down against the Isles and this game, I think Sens fans have had enough. This year is the worst in franchise history and at one point, something has to change. A good start would be firing Boucher but with the financial situation, I don’t see this happening anytime soon. The problem with the Sens is that not only are they horrible, they’re also extremely unlucky. Key injuries have been piling on the Sens and the current personnel (especially on D), cannot handle anymore pressure.

May 2019 bring better fortunes for the Sens and may all our readers have a great year ahead.

Notable Performances:

  • Ryan Dzingel: with two goals - including the game-tying goal; Dzingel is proving he is integral to this team.
  • Matt Duchene: he is easily the most elite player on the team; he is understandably frustrated though. A missed high stick call on him in the third just set him off, and he played even better afterward.
  • Marcus Hogberg: I refuse to get excited, but after two games, he is earning the respect of many fans and probably his teammates. We will see how severe the Andy injury is and whether Hogberg will successfully steal the backup job from McKenna.

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