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Ottawa Senators Three Stars of the Week: Week 5

Who to pick from this disaster?

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Another rough that included the blowout of the century but ended on a salvaged point against a monster team. When the team isn’t offering much hockey to be excited about, it’s tough to pick out anything that stands out.

Three Stars

  1. Alex Formenton - I realize he’s not with the team anymore but scoring his first NHL goal against the Arizona Coyotes earns him the honours this week. His time here may have been short but it was enough to get excited about his potential. That speed of his will one day do some serious damage, he just needs a little more conditioning on his defensive game and finish and we’re set.
  2. Craig Anderson - Andy must really love Ottawa for him to endure what the rest of the team is putting him through. Other than the loss against the Sabres (which was horrible by everyone), Andy has given this team a chance to win every night. The worst part is the defence probably won’t be improving any time soon and Andy has absolutely no backup to help him out with some rest time. I’m not sure if the league is planning any more goalie equipment adjustments but one thing is for sure, Andy needs to wear a cape every game this season.
  3. Thomas Chabot - scoring his 17th point last night, Chabot is that light breath of fresh air we need every game. His confidence in handling the puck in all situations is incredible. He seems to get better with every game and making the right decisions even in the toughest situations. This week alone he has racked up 4 points in 4 games played averaging around 23 minutes per game.

Trending Up

  • Dylan DeMelo has been quietly providing some stability to the back end. Eating up around 18 mins is ice team every game, he’s proving to be a smart and responsible player on a team filled with defensive mishaps.

  • Mark Stone is the heart and soul of this team. He deserves an honourable mention for every shift he’s on the ice. Truly, he has become an integral part of this team’s progression.

  • Max Lajoie still looking good with the coach trusting him with big minutes. His goal last night was a friendly reminder he’s not planning to be too cold on offender anytime soon.

Trending Down

  • Guy Boucher’s odd decisions may be out of his hands due to injuries but the fact that he continues to trust players like Ceci and Pyatt in critical moments is concerning.

  • Mark Borowiecki has been officially jinxed by Melnyk’s bad karma. He has been troubling to watch through his suspensions but then even worse when he looks completely lost playing in a game where he’s given double the ice time he deserves.

Who to watch

Brady Tkachuk’s return may be soon and the entire team cannot. I’ll be the first to admit that I was on Team Zadina till the very end but our young Brady has shown he may be the real deal. His absence has been noticed and that is one of the greatest compliments a rookie can ask for. Boucher is hopeful Tkachuk will be back this game and I’m excited to see if his impact will take off where he left.