I Think We Are OK!!!

Before you have me committed, please hear me out. I think we are OK. If this organization manages this team properly from this day forward, I thing we have the basis for a really good team here.

I am not a believer that you need a team of superstars to win alot in the NHL. Too many superstars equals too much ego wanting too much money. Already teh Leafs are falling apart and Nylander will have to be moved. because too much ego on one team equals NO TEAM. We need players who buy into the TEAM concept.

We also have holes to fill, but losing EK is not the end of the world. Let's look at what we need the most. GOALTENDING. We need an NNHL ready goalie in Belleveille not three years from now. NOW!!!

We need more scoring. Alot more scoring. Some of it will come from within. A brilliant find of a top six forward from Sweden or something like that that costs nothing in return would be nice. We need our fans to simmer down and accept that what's happened is done and start cheering again. instead of silently jeering and the not so silent jeering.

Why do I think we are OK. We have the makings of a well balanced if not spectacular defence if managed properly.

If we find a good player and replace Ryan with him, we have the makings of an offence here. I'm assuming Formenton is going to break out. I trust he will.

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