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Mark Borowiecki Suspended Three Games

Hit on Cody Eakin results in his second suspension of the week

Ottawa Senators v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Whether you thought it was a dirty hit or not, you cannot be surprised that the “check to the head” by Mark Borowiecki on Vegas Golden Knights forward Cody Eakin resulted in yet another suspension for the Ottawa tough guy. The fact that Boro is a repeat offender so soon after his first suspension must have played a role in the length of the suspension as well. The hit wasn’t anything catastrophic but it is definitely open to debate whether it was necessary or not, Cody Eakin did not return to the game and his status remains unknown.

This now marks Borowiecki third career suspension and will definitely give him an even worse reputation than the one he already has. Based on his salary, Boro will forfeit $43,902.45 to the Player’s Emergency Assistance Program bringing his total weekly loss to $50,354.06. He will be back with the Senators when they host the Tampa Bay Lightning on November 4th.

I am not going to defend Borowiecki and I’m not sure how much he really will be missed on the team (performance wise) but the truth of the matter is, the NHL remains to have zero consistency on how it calls plays. The 3 games is fair but would just like to see this kind of consistency throughout all teams/players. There was no penalty called on the hit until the fight broke out and in most cases the game misconduct and possibly a fine would have been enough. I have seen way worse go unnoticed but Mark could have possibly made himself a target with his comments after the game against the Canadiens.