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2018 Season Review

Sterling Predictions Re-Visited: Part 4

Our final look back at our incorrect predictions

Sterling Predictions Re-Visited: Part 3

Looking back on the lead point-getter and the first trade

Sterling Predictions Re-visited: Part 1

In Part 1 of the series, the Silver Seven Sens staff re-visit their pre-season predictions

Player Grades: Round Table, Part 2

The staff answers some more questions about their player grades

Report Cards: By the Numbers

The ballot reveal, plus a few handy charts from this season’s Report Cards.

Player Grades: Round Table Round-up, Part 1

The Staff answers some questions about their player grades

Report Cards: Management and Coaching

Taking a look at how the Senators management and coaching fared this season

Report Cards: Defence and Goalies

Part 2 of looking back at how everybody did in this horrendous season

End-of-Season Report Cards: Forwards

Who were the best and worst forwards of the season?

Memorable Moments #5: #MelnykOut

From hashtags to billboards to town halls, #MelnykOut was one of the biggest storylines this season.

Memorable Moments: The Trade Deadline

Phaneuf and Brassard were traded, while Karlsson rumours reached peak intensity.

Memorable Moments #3: The NHL 100 Classic

The infamous outdoor game was another season-defining moment

Ottawa Senators 2017-18 Player Grades: Have your Say!

Who passed, who failed and who needs improvement? Time to grade this year’s edition of the Sens

Memorable Moments: The Losing Streak

The Sens lost 12 of 13 back in November/December

Memorable Moments #1: The Duchene Trade

A look back at the trade that shook the NHL.

Three Stars of the Year

The highlights from a lowlight of a year