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Silver Seven Mailbag: Off-Season Edition

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We’ve reached the worst and slowest part of the off-season. Get your mind back into hockey and send in your questions to the writers!

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It’s the middle of August, and some of you may have completely forgotten what hockey is. But then there are also some of you who are desperately seeking any kind of hockey coverage and cannot wait for the Senators to start their new season.

When there’s nothing going on, it’s hard to come up with new content. That’s why the mailbag is a perfect off-season activity for the writers at Silver Seven Sens, as well as the readers. You get your questions answered, and we can actually get some discussion and debate going again, which has been sorely lacking since early July.

So if you have any pressing questions you’d like to ask about the team as a whole, the players, the NHL, the Senators organization, or whatever, ask away! I just ask that you try to keep your questions not too long, because it’s quite difficult answering five things in a three paragraph question. Multiple questions are okay, but just be mindful that there are going to be a few dozen responses and it takes a long time to do all of them.

But let’s hear your best! You can ask your questions in the comments on this article, on this form below, or you can click this link if the embedded table is not showing up.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get around the everyone’s questions. Thanks!