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Belleville Senators Unveil Logo

The burly Centurion used in Bingo is no more, but the new one is familiar

The Belleville Senators unveiled their primary logo for the upcoming inaugural season in their new home, and it might be of interest to all Senators fans. It’s not the version of the Centurion used in Bingo, or even a take on the Centurion at all - it’s a take on the Senators heritage logo:

Belleville Senators

Up until now they have been using the “standard” centurion used in Ottawa.

We know that the Ottawa Senators opted to continue with the centurion with the switch to Adidas this season, but Tom Anselmi has hinted that a change to the heritage design full time could be a possibility down the road. The shift to that style for Belleville may be a clear sign of that direction being taken, with the decision being made too late for the big club to make the shift for 17-18. At the very least, it is likely a trial balloon to see how it goes over as the primary branding for a team.