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Round 2, Game 3 Hotstove

A series of extreme swings

New York Rangers v Ottawa Senators - Game Two

Game 1 had the goalies robbing players over and over at both ends. Game 2 had some big saves, but also more than it's share of weaker goals. What are we going to see tonight?

Colin: Although we may not see eleven goals like we did Saturday, I think we're bound to be closer to a high scoring game. Lundqvist may have let in a questionable goal or two, although a large part of that was because he was being completely left to dry by his defence corps. The same can be said about Ottawa for most of game two.

These are two deep offensive teams that can shoot themselves in the foot defensively. If The System decides to make a resurgence for game three we might see a low score, although I'll place my odds on the higher scoring outcome.

Ross: Guy Boucher seems to have decided that a high-flying, scoring-chance-swapping rodeo is his team's best chance to win. And Alain Vigneault seems less interested in dictating the pace of the game, so I think it'll continue. Like Colin said, I expect we won't see 11 goals again - both goalies are too good for that. But I do expect we'll see both teams above 30 shots and lots of in-tight chances. Unless the goalies put on a show like Game 1, it'll probably be more like a 4-3 victory with the shots around 35 apiece.

nkb: At the outset of the series I said that the Rangers had the advantage in net because it looked like Henrik Lundqvist was in top form. So far, it's been a bit of a mixed bag: Lundqvist was incredible in game 1 but he also gave up 6 in game 2. It's hard to say you played well when you give up 6. I'll say we see a return to Game 1's form for both goalies if for no other reason than they're both excellent keepers and great players bounce back. Expect a 2-1 game.

Trevor: I have to agree with nkb, I can't see both of these goalies having another bad game. The Rangers and Senators do have some deep lines, but I still think the rest of the series will be pretty low scoring.