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Eastern Conference Final Game 3 Hotstove

Positives from Game 2 to build on

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

What can the Sens take from the the last few minutes of Game 2 to build on for tonight's game?

Colin: If the Sens want to score against the Penguins, they're going to need to play with a lot more speed and intensity like they did in game one. When the urgency picked up in the end, the chances started to come. Hopefully they can carry that over into game three.

Adnan: Nothing. The Sens might and will play better in game three. But it will have nothing to do with how they played against a team protecting a late lead.

Ross: That they don't have to go 22 minutes between shots on goal? That third period was just brutal to watch. You would've thought the Sens were up by 3.

Callum: Not much at all. It looked like the Senators' horrendous third period was a result of Pittsburgh having more energy in their second home game and Ottawa simply not attempting to attack aggressively enough. The final minutes mean nothing because that's what happens to every team down a goal with a couple minutes to spare.

Is there anything outside of the last few minutes that the Sens can hang their hats on for Game 3?

Colin: Despite taking the loss, we know that our neutral zone trap works like a charm. It's stifled Pittsburgh's offence for two games now, an accomplishment that can't be understated.

Peter: I may not be in good company here, but I liked the Sens' physical play through the game. They needed more aggressiveness on the puck and in the offensive zone, but I thought the team (top to bottom) played some good physical hockey.

Aside from that, #TheSystem was implemented well. We can certainly question the wisdom of trying to "Katy bar the door" for most of the game, but they frustrated the Penguins top scorers quite adeptly--especially Phil Kessel.

Also, Craig Anderson was great.

Adnan: Well they cut down on the penalties and didn't get routed. Anderson also played really well. I am not sure how much the performance in one game impacts the next though.

Ross: That they were outplayed for 3/4 of the game and lost by a single fluke goal? If Ottawa can hang tight with Pittsburgh like they did in Game 1, they seem more poised to win.

Callum: Despite the awkward goal against that ended up being the winner, Andy was incredible. The only other things Ottawa can hang their hat on coming back to Canada is one win and an even goal differential against a team that everyone in the universe has as the favourite.

Ian: The Penguins were frustrated, the Sens are placing that seed of doubt in their minds. The Penguins probably thought the series was going to be a cakewalk, but the Sens have other ideas. The Sens did a great job limiting the Penguin chances, they just need to stick to the system (+ a little offence) and good things will happen.