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Borowiecki out, Krejci likely in

Some early lineup updates

NHL: Boston Bruins at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The one roster change for today’s game comes in the form of Ben Harpur coming in for the injured Mark Borowiecki.

While the rest of the names are the same, that doesn’t mean the lines are staying the same.

But then, take those with a grain of salt. They’ve changed between the morning skate and warm-up before and changed quickly during the game too, so the lines we see tonight may not be what we saw this morning.

As for the Bruins, their offence looks to get a big boost tonight, as David Krejci looks to make his playoffs debut.

Their defence is still quite beat-up though, with Tommy Cross looking to make his NHL playoffs debut (he has 3 NHL regular season games).