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Pierre Dorion makes worst trade of his short tenure

Dahlen for Burrows is absolutely terrible

Vancouver Canucks v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

Well, Pierre, you got fleeced. No two ways about it. Alex Burrows is no longer an NHL-level talent. He once put up 67 points when playing with both Sedin twins, but at this point he’s a 25-point guy. That’s Tom Pyatt territory. Only Pyatt’s five years younger. Jonathan Dahlen is having a historic season in the Allsvenskan. He’s 19. Already in a redraft of 2016, he’d move into the first round. Obviously no prospect is a sure thing, but Burrows is a pretty sure candidate for retirement at this point.

On the whole Derick Brassard/Mika Zibanejad thing, we understood you. Z-bad was a young centre about to go RFA. He was going to be too expensive. Trading him opened up room for the Mike Hoffman extension that happened and the Mark Stone extension to be. We recognize that your handcuffing contracts, Bobby Ryan and Dion Phaneuf, were not through your own doing. You’ve done pretty well so far this year, getting Mike Condon for next-to-nothing and Tommy Wingels for possibly less than nothing.

But this trade makes no sense. You’re selling what could’ve been a big part of the future to get a player who might even get scratched down the stretch this year. Tell me what Burrows brings that someone like Mike Blunden or Phil Varone doesn’t. This trade doesn’t help now, and makes the future a lot worse.