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Ottawa Senators Player of the Month: January

Help us pick the best player of the month

Arizona Coyotes v Ottawa Senators
Stone and Anderson commiserate over being the players of the month so far in 2016-17
Photo by Francois Laplante/FreestylePhoto/Getty Images

The start of a new month means the end of the old one, and as such, it’s time to figure out the Senators player of the month! As in the past, any player who finished top-three in Rank the Performances in at least one game during the month is eligible for the list. Vote up the deserving players and vote down the undeserving to influence the list.

The Sens went 6-4-2 in January, maintaining their tenuous lead on 2nd-place in the Atlantic Division. Impressive wins over top-notch opponents like the Penguins, Capitals, Blue Jackets (?), and Oilers (???) were overshadowed later in the month by disappointing losses to the Flames and Panthers. A flu bug and Mike Condon’s inevitable fatigue also may have caught up to the team, so things may be looking up with Andrew Hammond and the rest of the team being healthy again.

Past Players of the Month

October - Craig Anderson

November - Craig Anderson

December - Mark Stone