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NHL Trade Rumours 2017: Curtis Lazar likely to fetch player in similar position

Could he be traded for Duclair or Virtanen?

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Winnipeg Jets Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another disappointing set of games for Curtis Lazar. The 2013 17th-overall pick has a disappointing one point in 29 games this season. His career-high in points was an underwhelming 20 in 76 games last season. Since the Sens’ acquisition of Tommy Wingels, Lazar has been scratched for four out of seven games. And now it’s looking like he might be wanting out of town:

Finalizing a trade may require the Senators to back off on their reported asking price:

Dreger was on TSN 1200 yesterday, reporting that although the Sens have been looking for a high pick, the most likely outcome seems to be getting a player in a similar position - i.e. a similar disappointing prospect. Lazar is a former Team Canada captain at the World Junior Championships, so the obvious first choice to come to mind is Jake Virtanen. Virtanen has nine points in 37 AHL games this season (Lazar’s four in 13 was slightly better). As frustrated as I’ve been with Lazar, I can’t say that I see Virtanen as an improvement.

The other option that comes to mind is Anthony Duclair, 14th on TSN’s trade bait list (Lazar is 21st). Duclair had 12 points in 41 NHL games this season, but has put up seven points in 10 AHL games as well. I’d be much more on board with this trade. I have a hard time believing Arizona would see this as a fair one-for-one though, since Duclair has had some NHL success while Lazar really hasn’t.

So will the Sens trade Curtis Lazar? It seemed unlikely before, but if he does indeed request a trade, I think it’s more likely. The Sens have generally been good at listening to their players’ requests. And if the return is someone like Duclair, I’ll be pretty happy.