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Game 27 Preview: Ottawa Senators @ Los Angeles Kings

Sens look to bounce back (again)

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Senators are right back at it tonight, getting on a bus going the other direction from their hotel to visit the Los Angeles Kings.

Last night’s game was a significant improvement over Sunday’s game - but “better than Sunday” is about as low of a bar as you can set for the team this season. Let’s just get straight to the lines. There’s only one change.

Stone - Brassard - Ryan
Smith - Duchene - Dzingel
Hoffman - Pageau - Dumont
Burrows - Thompson - Pyatt

Harpur - Karlsson
Phaneuf - Chabot
Oduya - Ceci

Condon (starter)

Here are some thoughts on tonight’s game:

  • Erik Karlsson may not have a point in 10 games, but he’s got 75 shot attempts. That’s third in the league. Something has to give eventually.
  • Mike Hoffman is second on the team with 59 in that time frame.
  • Guess which team has the best SV% so far this season? Of course it’s the Kings - just what a team that’s having problems scoring needs!
  • Guess which team has the worst SV%? (It’s actually the Oilers, but the Sens are less than 0.1% ahead of them).
  • Kings are expected to start Darcy Kuemper. Yes, he’s the back-up but he’s also got a higher SV% than Jonathan Quick does this season.
  • This may be a surprise, but the line blender was mostly left on the shelf yesterday. There was some switching things up, but generally only for a shift then the lines were put back to where they were to start.

Here are some stats for tonight’s game, via except Corsi/Fenwick from

Team Stats

Category Ottawa Senators Boston Bruins
Category Ottawa Senators Boston Bruins
-- Value Rank Value Rank
Goals/GP 2.68 25th 3.25 6th
Goals against/GP 3.44 30th 2.56 3rd
Shots/GP 30.7 24th 32.8 11th
Shots against/GP 33.0 25th 29.3 2nd
Powerplay % 16.7 26th 23.5 4th
Penalty Kill % 76.2 27th 83.3 4th
Corsi (5v5, Score & Venue Adjusted) 46.32 29th 53.97 2nd
Fenwick (5v5, SVA) 46.94 27th 54.01 1st

Player Stats

Ottawa Senators Boston Bruins
Ottawa Senators Boston Bruins
-- Player # Player #
Goals Matt Duchene 27 Brad Marchand 34
Assists Erik Karlsson (out) 53 Brad Marchand 51
Points Karlsson/Stone (both out) 62 Brad Marchand 85
Shots Mike Hoffman 253 David Pastrnak 236
TOI/GP Erik Karlsson (out) 26:44 Zdeno Chara 22:53