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Three-way Trade Between Sens, Preds, Avs Falls Apart

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A trade that would have sent Turris to Nashville and Duchene to Ottawa has fallen apart

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Pittsburgh Penguins at Ottawa Senators Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Late Friday night, Elliotte Friedman first reported that a trade between the Ottawa Senators, Colorado Avalanche and Nashville Predators was in the works but then clarified that talks had collapsed and that no trade was actually imminent. The precise details of the deal are still a bit fuzzy, but the core of it was that Matt Duchene would head to Ottawa and Kyle Turris was off to Nashville. Colorado would have received some combination of picks and prospects, presumably from both Ottawa and Nashville. Friedman has since deleted the original tweet that implied a trade was close, but Darren Dreger clarified the situation and Friedman later confirmed Dreger’s reporting:

It should come as no surprise that the Senators are actively shopping Turris given the impasse in negotiating a new contract with the impending unrestricted free agent, but to have it so out in the open can’t be how Pierre Dorion was hoping this would unfold; relationships between players and organizations have been frayed over less. But now that all of this is out in the open, the pressure to find a trade will only be ratcheted up.

From a timing perspective, now would have been nearly the ideal moment to trade Turris with an almost week-long break after Saturday’s game before the first of the two games in Sweden. This news also casts the presence of the 22 scouts at Thursday night’s game in a different light.

There’s no sense evaluating a trade that wasn’t actually completed, especially since the details of the picks and prospects going to Colorado is unknown at this time, but it seems almost inevitable now that we’ll be talking about a Kyle Turris trade at some point in the near future.