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Chris Wideman Out “Months” With Injured Hamstring

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The Sens’ defender may require surgery, potentially miss remainder of the season.

Ottawa Senators v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

After taking an awkward fall in Thursday’s game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, it appears that Chris Wideman’s injury is more serious than originally expected. Originally said by Guy Boucher to be out “weeks” with a torn hamstring, that’s now turned into “months”, and potentially the entire season.

There’s still uncertainty surrounding the situation, although Wideman may possibly require surgery, in which case he could be out for the rest of the regular season. With UFA status looming at season’s end, and currently on pace to smash his career highs in goals and points, the injury couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Here’s the moment where Wideman went down, after being crashed from behind by Evgeni Malkin:

Also worth considering is the impact on Ottawa’s defensive depth. The Sens are extremely deep on the left side, although because Wideman shoots right, they now only have Karlsson and Ceci to play that side. Phaneuf, Harpur and Borowiecki all have experience playing on their off-hand, although it’s also possible that this could be Christian Jaros’ opportunity to shine. Jaros returned to Belleville’s lineup last night from an injury of his own.

Let’s hope for a speedy recovery for Wideman!