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Sterling Predictions: Senators Record

Will the Sens make the playoffs?

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Ottawa Senators at Pittsburgh Penguins
The Senators made it pretty far last year
Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

Where will the Senators finishing in the standings? Bonus for predicting the correct number of points

Colin: There's so much parity in the NHL right now. I could envision the Sens winning the division, but I could also foresee them finishing bottom five. The weird part is that I don't see a wild card spot as a likely possibility, as the Metropolitan division is so much stronger than the Atlantic. I think the Sens finish 3rd in the division, with 93 points.

Callum: This seems like the perfect time, as usual, for a reverse jinx. Wait, does it work if I say what it is? Well, what if I don't even believe in it? 91 points, 5th in the ATL and they miss.

Trevor: 5th in the Atlantic, 88 points. I'm usually wrong with my pre-season total points pick for the Senators, so you're welcome.

Spencer: The Sens will sneak into the playoffs as a wildcard with 96 points.

Ross: The Sens will finish with 99 points, one better than last year, but because the Atlantic remembers how to win this will put them in the first Wild Card with first-round date against the Lightning.

Ary: I think they grab one of the wildcard spots with 94 points!

Beata: They'll get a wildcard spot with 95 points.

NKB: Sens will snag a wildcard spot on the last day of the season with 96 points

So we have most predicting a wild card spot, with a couple attempts at reverse reverse reverse psychology to get the Sens to make the playoffs. What say you?


Where will the Sens finish the season?

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  • 13%
    Top of the Atlantic!
    (49 votes)
  • 54%
    2nd or 3rd in the division
    (203 votes)
  • 20%
    Wild card spot
    (76 votes)
  • 12%
    Out of the playoffs
    (47 votes)
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