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Report: NHL teams to lose third jerseys in 2017-18

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This comes as Adidas takes over as new jersey supplier

Boston Bruins v Ottawa Senators Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

Per a report in the Minnesota Star-Tribune, NHL teams will not be using third jerseys in 2017-18. This comes as Adidas takes over for Reebok as the official producer of NHL jerseys. Per the Star-Tribune, the removal of third jerseys is to make the suppliers transition much more smooth.

This will hit fans of the Ottawa Senators especially hard, as the Heritage alternate jersey released in 2011-12, still worn on Throwback Thursdays, remains extremely popular. The current 3D Senturion logo has not been too popular, and most fans will be disappointed to see the team return to having that as the only jersey worn. Expect the heritage jersey to still get a lot of use in the stands.

However, it won’t all be bad news on the jersey front for the Sens, because it’s looking like the Sens are a good bet to host an outdoor game next season. If that does happen, then at least we can look forward to some kind of heritage-themed outdoor game jersey.