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Five Thoughts for Friday: World Juniors Edition

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Was there really anything else that could be on my mind?

USA v Canada - 2017 IIHF World Junior Championship
The start of what is sure to be a bromance for years to come

The World Juniors ended yesterday after an all-time classic, seeing the USA beat Canada in a shootout 5-4. It was a disappointing end (the winning team, nobody needs yet another hot take about how shootouts have no place in the game), but overall a very fun tournament. There were five Senators prospects in the tournament, and as such, made for an easy edition of Five Thoughts. So here’s the countdown of which Sens prospects had the most impressive showings:

5. Filip Ahl

It’s pretty impressive that three assists in seven games is the worst performances by a Sens prospect in the tournament. Lots of guys got no points. Ahl showed that he can at least hang with a top-flight talent in Alex Nylander. And even if he’s not an NHL talent, the AHL squad could always use so more talent (pun intended).

4. Filip Chlapik

Started the tournament with an impressive two-goal game against the Swiss. At the very least, he showed he has a deceptive shot and impressive play-making ability. And three points in five games on a huge underdog is nothing to sneeze at.

3. Jonathan Dahlen

Five goals puts him in a tie for fourth in the entire tournament. But more important than the stats were what we got to see of the guy - he oozes skill. Not only can he score, but he can dazzle and then score. I’m excited to see this guy in North America in a couple years.

2. Colin White

Tough break when being second in the tournament in goals only gets you second on the list, but I’m sure he’d understand. As realistic Ary points out on Twitter, White doesn’t have any game-breaking abilities, but he does everything well. If Dorion’s right and we’re going to see him in a Sens uniform before the season’s done, I’m a very happy man.

1. Thomas Chabot

The tournament MVP probably has to be first on this list, right? He wasn’t just the best Sens prospect, he was the best player. He was seven seconds short of 44 minutes in the final, after playing 27 minutes the day before. He finished the tournament with 10 points (four goals). It wasn’t very close for a seven-game tournament in terms of defensive scoring. He was the first d-man ever to win MVP (an award they’ve been giving out since 2002). Junior performance doesn’t always translate to the big leagues, but man, Chabot has so many tools. If he turns out like Jonathan Toews or John Tavares or so many other Canadian heroes before him, Sens fans will be ecstatic. The future looks bright with these two studs coming to the big leagues soon.

And now there’s only one proper way to end: by hugging it out.