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Senators Preseason - When and How to Watch or Listen

How to follow along with the Sens preseason games

Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

It’s been a long summer, but it’s time to hit the ice. Not for meaningful hockey - that comes soon enough - but hockey none the less.

The good news is that most of the games are televised, and all are supposed to be available on the radio. Here’s how the schedule and broadcast options break down:

Date Opponent TV Radio
Monday, Sept 26, 6pm @Maple Leafs (in Halifax) TSN TSN 1200
Tuesday, Sept 27, 7pm @Sabres TSN TSN 1200
Thursday, Sept 29, 7:30pm @Canadiens RDS, TSN TSN 1200
Saturday, October 1, 3pm Canadiens RDS TSN 1200
Monday, October 3, 8pm @Jets TSN TSN 1200
Tuesday, October 4, 9:30pm Maple Leafs (in Saskatoon) TSN TSN 1200
Friday, Oct 7, 7:30pm Sabres - TSN 1200

It appears like only Saturday’s home game against Montreal, and the October 7th game against Buffalo might make for difficult viewing. Not everybody has RDS, and there’s nobody carrying the Buffalo game on TV at this point.

Still, this is more of the Sens preseason on TV than we’ve gotten in the past. So break out the snacks, and start practising your pre-game rituals. Senators hockey is back!