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Cody Ceci Signs Two Year Deal

Bridge deal worth $5.6m total

Ottawa Senators v New York Islanders Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Senators, after a bit of a tease, announced the contract extension for Cody Ceci this afternoon. It’s a two year deal, with a cap hit of $2.8m with the individual years coming in at $2.25m and $3.35m respectively. The contract leaves Ceci with another 2 years after it of RFA status.

The structure of the deal also sets the floor for that potential future deal at the $3.35m for a qualifying offer. That can be a risky move for the player if they end up having a rough contract year - just ask Patrick Wiercioch.

Ceci had a bit of a rough go early on in the season when largely partnered with the aforementioned Wiercioch, though seemed to stabilize somewhat when partnered with Dion Phaneuf later in the season. They still weren’t necessarily great, but a vast improvement from earlier in the season.

In terms of individual production, Ceci’s 26 points were a modest improvement over 21 in 2014-15, though with 6 fewer games played.