Development Camp Scrimmage

It's hard to form impressions from an early season scrimmage. Play was a bit scrambly with alot of turnovers. I tend to focus more on watching the defence because I see the game from the defence out most of the time.

I was not really impressed by anyone of our defencemen until the 3 on 3 at the very end. The one I liked the most was Christian Wolanin, as he drove the play alot during that time. Harpur had one terrific rush that ended up in a goal, and Macoy Erkamps was a pleasant surprise. The biggest surprise was the lack of anything much from Thomas Chabot.

The most impressive player on the ice was Nick Paul, as he seemed to be in charge everytime he was on the ice. He was like a man amongst boys. Gabriel Gagne took advantage of playing with him, and got setup several times and finished twice.

O'Connor was horrible, Joel D'Accord seems to be the only goalie prospect we have, although Hogberg wasn't tested much.

The biggest surprise offensively was the absence of Logan Brown once the play left the faceoff circle. Jonathan Dahlén and Markus Nurmi were the most impressive of this year's draftees.

In the 3 on 3 what stood out is how many playmakers we seem to have and nobody except Francis Perron wanted to try being a finisher.

Colin White did about 15 minutes of skating drills before the scrimmage, and I didn't notice him in the scrimmage itself.

All in all, my first impressions is that with the exception of Paul and maybe Perron, we don't appear to have much of anything remotely NHL ready. I realize that this is a very tiny sample size at the very beginning of skating after a summer of not being on the ice, so everything has to be taken with a large grain of salt.

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