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Senators acquire Derick Brassard for Mika Zibanejad

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Rangers 2018 7th and Senators 2018 2nd fill out the deal

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

The Senators announced this afternoon that Mika Zibanejad had been traded to the New York Rangers in return for Derick Brassard. The trade also includes the Senators 2nd round pick and the Rangers 7th round pick, both for 2018. Either Pierre Dorion works very quietly, or all of the "Insiders" really are on vacation, as this trade came without the slightest hint that something was in the works.

Brassard's contract comes with a $5m cap hit for the next three years, and real money of $10m (a $2m bonus is already paid out for this season). That's close to twice the hit of Zibanejad for next season, but with a potentially big raise on the horizon for him this brings some cost certainty. It's also less in real dollars for this season, and maybe much less going forward.

There are a few connections between the Senators and Brassard. First, he's a local boy who was born and grew up in Hull. Second, he played under Guy Boucher in his last year in the QMJHL. There is some familiarity there, though he did miss most of that season due to injury. Third, he played five seasons in Columbus and Syracuse with Marc Methot.

Brassard has double the NHL games under his belt compared to Zibanejad, and set a career high for goals last season with 27.