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NHL Entry Draft 2016: Live Tracker and Open Thread

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The easiest way to keep track of tonight's picks

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL Entry Draft takes place June 24 and 25 in Buffalo, NY. The Ottawa Senators have the 12th-overall pick, their highest pick since 6th-overall pick Mika Zibanejad in 2011. There has been a lot of speculation as to who the Sens could take, and you can find a lot of our work on the subject, including the likely best players available, a breakdown of possible forwards, a similar one for possible defencemen, and our pick of Mikhail Sergachyov/Sergachev in the SB Nation mock draft.

For a guess at how the first round will go down, you can see the entire SB Nation mock draft results here.

Will there be a big trade? Will Gary Bettman have a witty comeback to all the booing? Which team will get the loudest jeers from the hometown crowd? Watch the draft (details here), and join us here to comment.

The live draft tracker is embedded here below. If it's not working for you for any reason, you can also follow along here.