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Game 67 Prediction Panel: Dallas Stars @ Ottawa Senators

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Will the Sens win in the back half of the back to back?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Remember to put your predictions in the comments to this post by the scheduled start time for it to count as an entry in our prediction contest! You can read the full rules on that here, and see the results and all of the entries (might both be a bit way behind) here.


No pick submitted.

Record: 36-30, 41 Points
1 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals


No pick submitted.

Record: 34-32, 41 Points
6 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

6-2 Stars
GWG: Tyler Seguin

A rested and very good Stars team would have been watching last night's game from Ottawa, and should tear through the Sens.

Record: 31-35, 35 Points
3 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

6-3 Stars
GWG: Jason Spezza

Just before the game, Bryan Murray meanders over to the Stars' pressbox and asks Jim Nill if he'd like to make a deal. Murray says he'll give Nill his Ferrari - which still has a good 10 years in it - for three of Jim's best go-karts.

Record: 35-31, 46 Points
5 Exact Scores, 6 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Senators
GWG: Bobby Ryan

Big win in an afternoon game for the boys in red. Nick Paul also pots one against the team who drafted him.

Record: 33-33, 39 Points
2 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals

5-3 Stars
GWG: Jamie Benn

Dallas has been experiencing leaks in the crease lately but Ottawa won't take advantage.

Record: 3-3, 3 Points
0 Exact Scores, 0 Game Winning Goals


Sens 4, Stars 3.

GWG: Erik Karlsson

Maybe this is me being overly optimistic, but the Stars have pretty weak goaltending and the Sens have some high-end scoring ability. Stars carry the play but the Sens sneak a few in the third and win it.

Record: 35-31, 39 Points
1 Exact Scores, 3 Game Winning Goals

6-2 Stars
GWG: Valeri Nichushkin

The only bright spot for the Sens will be that Erik Karlsson gets as many points as Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin.

Record: 28-38, 30 Points
1 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

5-2 Stars
GWG: Patrick Sharp

Ottawa will be on the second half of a back to back playing against one of the best teams in the league. I'm not expecting much.

Record: 30-36, 41 Points
5 Exact Scores, 6 Game Winning Goals