What To Do When Nobody Is Listening

I thought alot about why the "system" that Cameron employs gets us outshot, outplayed, outpossessed and pretty much out-everything elsed except for goaltended on some nights.

There are some things that work against trying to develop defensively responsible or what coaches call "200 foot players". The most important thing is that players are judged based on points for... production whatever you want to call it. They are judged that way at draft time, and they are especially judged that way at contract time. Nobody gets paid for nice defensive plays. Even players who are horrid defensively end up with huge contracts if they produce offensively.

So the best coaches need to manipulate players into wanting to expecd their precious energy when we don't have the puck. Because everyone and I mean everyone in the AHL or NHL is capable of playing well defensively. They just chooose where they expend their energy.

The best coaches will toss their best players into the Press Box if they don't follow the system.

Cameron punishes some players, and yet rewards others with type A ice time for the same kind of lack of effort. When coaches get to the point where their message is confounded like that players stop listening.

When players stop listening it's time to look in the mirror at the message that is being sent, not blame them.

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