There's an Elephant in the Room

There is definitely an elephant in the room and no one wants to talk about it. Why is that?

The Sens average 35 - 40 SOGs per game. That means that game in and game out we need a .950 save percentage to hold the other team to 2 goals... Or if you put that another way, Anderson's .917 save percentage means that we need 3.68 goals per game to win on the average.

Nobody talks about this, and nobody on the coaching staff addresses this issue. We just play the same way every game expecting to miraculously show up in the third period and pull off another miracle.

DUH!!! From the beginning my impressions of Cameron were that here we have a very very good Junior coach... someone who thrives in offence-first hockey... Erik Karlsson style four forward-type hockey. We have been trying to win games with this kind of style since Cameron got here, and how is it working? Sure we did fine when the save percentage was about .975 every night... and then we expected that that kind of thing was going to continue this year. Well DUH again!!!

This is a league that the best teams are the teams that play tight defensively, move the puck quickly and outpossess, outshoot and outscore their opponents on any given night. Yes, we could win the way we are playing if we had two other EK Clones so that he never left the ice. But in reality, what we need is a coach who can teach how to move the puck quickly and efficiently and seal off our zone so that on any given night we give up around 20 SOGs. Then .900 goaltending gives us a winning formula every night.

We took a step in the right direction getting rid of Cowen and Greening and adding Phaneuf who is now the most defensively sound dman we have. But the system is still the same. We are still getting killed possession-wise every game, because we can't defend with the system we have.

Now a late season flurry will produce just enough to let this coaching staff off the hook yet again in the hopes that next year will be different because the players are older and more experienced or some such mirage.

It won't be any different until we get a coach who sets up a system so that we can defend.

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