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Game 51 Prediction Panel: Ottawa Senators @ Pittsburgh Penguins

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Back from break on the road

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Remember to put your predictions in the comments to this post by the scheduled start time for it to count as an entry in our prediction contest! You can read the full rules on that here, and see the results and all of the entries (might both be a bit way behind) here.

4-3 Senators
GWG: Mike Hoffman

The Senators get outplayed but Erik Karlsson and Mike Hoffman do enough to make up for the others.

Record: 29-21, 33 Points
0 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals

3-2 Penguins
GWG: Sidney Crosby

I think Ottawa comes out of the break well rested, but are met with a hungry Pittsburgh squad that seems ripe to perform well in the second half.

Record: 26-24, 30 Points
4 Exact Scores, 0 Game Winning Goals

3-1 Penguins
GWG: Phil Kessel

The Sens come out of the break with a lacklustre effort against the Penguins.

Record: 24-26, 28 Points
3 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Penguins
GWG: Sidney Crosby

The Penguins were a disaster at the start of the season, along with the best player in the world. That’s changed now. And if the Sens couldn’t beat them then, they can’t beat them now.

Record: 26-24, 33 Points
3 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Senators
GWG: Erik Karlsson

The Sens return from the All-Star break with something to prove as the Sens hit the home stretch. Karlsson puts the team on his back and leads them to a big win.

Record: 26-24, 31 Points
2 Exact Scores, 3 Game Winning Goals

3-2 Senators
GWG: Mark Stone

Mark Stoke busts out with a two goal performance, including the game winner, and the Sens hold the high-powered Pens attack mostly in check

Record: 27-23, 29 Points
0 Exact Scores, 2 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Senators
GWG: Erik Karlsson

The Sens will be all fired up from the break and will make the superior Pens look like they were caught off guard.

Record: 22-28, 23 Points
0 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

4-3 Penguins
GWG: Evgeni Malkin

Although Pittsburgh has been underwhelming so far, Ottawa usually has troubles on the road against them. Expect Pittsburgh's PP to be the difference.

Record: 23-27, 31 Points
3 Exact Scores, 5 Game Winning Goals