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Game 58 Prediction Panel: Buffalo Sabres @ Ottawa Senators

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Bust the slump?

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Remember to put your predictions in the comments to this post by the scheduled start time for it to count as an entry in our prediction contest! You can read the full rules on that here, and see the results and all of the entries (might both be a bit way behind) here.

5-2 Senators
GWG: Mike Hoffman

Erik Karlsson continues his historic campaign with a huge three point night including assisting on Mike Hoffman's game winner. The Senators finally get some man games won due to injury with Mark Borowiecki out.

Record: 30-27, 34 Points
0 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals

4-1 Senators
GWG: Mike Hoffman

The Senators get revenge against The Lehner in this matchup, with the top-six forwards taking advantage of the Kane-less Sabres

Record: 28-29, 34 Points
5 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Senators
GWG: Mike Hoffman

Every time I give up on the Sens winning a game, they come back. Read in to that what you will.

Record: 27-30, 31 Points
3 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

5-2 Senators
GWG: Mark Stone

Buffalo wins the Auston Matthews Bowl 2-5.

Record: 30-27, 40 Points
4 Exact Scores, 6 Game Winning Goals

5-1 Senators
GWG: Zack Smith

Sens fill the net for 5 against a very poor team. Dion picks up his first goal in a Sens uniform.

Record: 28-29, 34 Points
2 Exact Scores, 4 Game Winning Goals


4-0 Senators

GWG: Kyle Turris

The Sens badly need this one to regain some dignity, if nothing else, and a hapless Sabres team is just the ticket. Kyle Turris gets himself rolling again with a two point effort.

Record: 29-28, 32 Points
0 Exact Scores, 3 Game Winning Goals

4-2 Sabres
GWG: Jack Eichel

Ottawa keeps getting worse and worse, and this loss will be yet another against a team who should be easily beat.

Record: 25-32, 26 Points
0 Exact Scores, 1 Game Winning Goals

3-2 Senators
GWG: Dion Phaneuf

After a bad showing in Columbus against a horrible team, Ottawa is able to play much better at home against a different horrible team.

Record: 27-30, 36 Points
3 Exact Scores, 6 Game Winning Goals