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Silver Nuggets: How are the Senators doing?

Share your opinions on the Sens’ season

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Ottawa Senators Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of a thought or some other opinion piece, I want today’s Nuggets to just have two simple questions:

First, where do you think the Sens will finish the season?

And second, is that better or worse than what you thought at the start of the season?

NKB asks this question a bunch on Twitter, and I hoped we could have a little chat about it in the comments. My answer is that I expect the Sens will finish in a wild card position. I expected them to miss the playoffs, so this is improvement. Overall, this team looks a lot better than I expected, 20 games in. Their ability to limit high-danger chances in particular is impressive.

Share your thoughts in the comments!

Sens Links

  • Two games this week so far. First, an OT loss to the Flyers [Silver Seven, SensChirp]
  • And second, a loss to the Sabres [Silver Seven, SensChirp]
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  • From a week ago, but still well worth the read. Be_rad takes a look at why this season’s hot start doesn’t look as questionable as last season’s [S7S Fanpost]
  • Fans don’t seem to be buying into the Sens’ success so far, at least as far as buying tickets is concerned [Sportsnet]
  • Apparently Guy Boucher was pretty angry after last night’s game [Ottawa Citizen]
  • Apparently all of Melnyk’s whining was for nothing, because he’s still given the green light for an outdoor game at TD Place [Ottawa Citizen]

Other Links

  • A fun story about how Phil Kessel has because the life of the Penguins’ locker room [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • An in-depth look at William Nylander to see if he’s as lazy as the media suggests (spoiler: he isn’t) [PPP]
  • A look at the latest don’t-want-to-play-him, don’t-want-to-lose-him-on-waivers conundrum: Oscar Lindberg of the Rangers [TSS]
  • A look at how loving hockey and playing for the love of the game aren’t the same thing, in light of the NWHL proposed pay cuts [The Ice Garden]