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Battle of Ontario - Sens Preseason, Captain McDavid, Trouble With Trouba

Every week, Callum Fraser and Alec Brownscombe discuss all the latest happenings in the hockey world.

Ottawa Senators v Toronto Maple Leafs

It’s the final episode before the NHL season begins on Oct. 12, and Callum Fraser and Alec Brownscombe are getting you ready for the season opener between the Leafs and Senators.

Also discussed on the show: Connor McDavid is set to become the youngest captain in NHL history and trouble with Trouba in Winnipeg. Scott Billeck of the Winnipeg Free Press stops by to give us the lowdown on a possible trade in the works for the Jets, as well.

Episode Itinerary:

Leafs preseason takeaways - 1:30

Senators opening day roster - 6:45

McDavid named captain - 13:34

Trouble with Trouba - 16:49

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