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Sterling Predictions: How many goals will Mike Hoffman score?

Predicting if the sniper can build on last year’s impressive total

NHL: Preseason-Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiens Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Q: Mike Hoffman was on pace for 40 goals early last season, before cooling off down the stretch and finishing with 29. Will Hoffman score at least 35 goals this year? Bonus: how many goals will he score?

Trevor: Boucher is Hoffman's number one fan, and I think he will thrive under him. I'll say he has a monster year and gets exactly 40.

Ary: I’ll say that he won’t — but just barely. I have Hoffman with 33. Keep in mind, there were only 8 goal scorers with 35+ in the league last year. 33 would put Hoffman into the top-15.

Callum: Mike Hoffman will score 37 goals this season and make his contract extension look even more like a steal for the Senators. Boucher will let him loose, and with the respect from his coach, Hoffman will be driven to compete harder and score more than ever before.

Peter: No. Prediction: 32 goals for Mike Hoffman.

NKB: It's exceedingly hard to score 40 goals in the NHL today; I expect Hoffman will be good for 35, and that should be viewed as a resounding success.

Ross: I don’t think he’ll hit 35, but it’ll be very close. I’ll give him 34.

Ian: Coming off a big contract extension, Hoffman will light the lamp 37 times this season.

Michaela: When he was in Drummondville, Hoffman's point total doubled (almost tripled) when Boucher came to town. While I don't expect a point increase at quite that level, I think Hoffman is more likely to thrive under Boucher, than struggle at times like he did under Cameron. I say Hoffman gets more than 35 points, and finishes with a total of 38 goals this year.