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Sterling Predictions: Kyle Turris vs. Derick Brassard

We begin our set of predictions looking at the team’s top two centres

NHL: Preseason-Ottawa Senators at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

With the season coming soon, it’s time for us as writers to put down our predictions for the season. That means it’s also time for you as readers. Until the season opener on October 12th, we’ll be running a bunch of prediction questions. Today, we start off looking at the team’s top two centres: Kyle Turris, entering his sixth season in the capital, and Derick Brassard, about to start his first campaign with the Senators. Make sure to vote in the poll, and then write your exact predictions in the comments.

Who will score more points, Turris or Brassard? Bonus: Predict the number of points for each.

Trevor: Turris gets more points. He should be the first line centre all year long, and he's a bit better than Brassard. Turris: 60, Brassard: 55.

Ary: I’ll go with Turris, who was having a fantastic year until his lower body injury significantly decreased his ability and perhaps is causing some low expectations. He finishes the year with 66 points, with Brassard slightly behind at 60. I think Boucher will split the T6 ice-time more evenly, and since Brassard will surely get a lot of PP time, I don’t think he’ll be far behind.

Callum: I'm going to go with Brassard. It seems that he'll be getting a more prominent role on the power play and with Turris' horrifying injury last season, who knows if he'll play 82 games this season. He likely will, seeing as his leg injury was the first time Mr. Iron Man was seen in the press box since coming to Ottawa, but I'll still give this one to Brassard. Like I said in my player projections, 53 for Brassard and 50 for Turris.

Peter: I will say... Derick Brassard. I'll predict Turris will have 58 points, Brassard will have 66.

NKB: If both stay healthy, Brassard will edge out Turris. Turris will start the season as the first line centre, and it seems will benefit from playing on a line with both Mike Hoffman and Mark Stone when all three are healthy, but Brassard is a power-play wizard and he'll more than make up the difference there.

Ross: This is a lot more split than I was expecting. I’ve always been a huge Turris fan, and he was having a monstrous start to last season before Casey Cizikas bent his leg the wrong way (and earned a bizarre $16.75M extension). I’m gonna say Turris by a hair. 65 points for Turris, 61 points for Brassard.

Ian: Turris will pick up 52, 3 more than new Senator Brassard. The most points will likely end up going to whoever gets the most time with Hoffman.

Michaela: Turris will get more points than Brassard. I think he'll be well-rested after a long off-season due to injury, and will likely see lots of playing time with Hoffman and Stone (once Stone gets back). Turris will score 60 points, and Brassard will get 51.