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Sterling Predictions: Ottawa Senators Record

How will the Sens do on the season?

NHL: Ottawa Senators at New York Islanders Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Q: Where will the Sens finish in the standings? Will they make the playoffs? Bonus: predict the Sens' final record.

Trevor: Ottawa will finish 5th in the Atlantic, just outside of a playoff spot. Record: 40-34-8

Ary: I’ll say they finish with 96 points (43-27-10), which is good enough for the second Wild Card spot in the East.

Callum: Knew this was coming. This is one of the harder years for team predictions; so many new faces, systems are changing, management's philosophy seems different. I'll go with the Senators will finish 9th place in the Eastern Conference with a final record of 40-32-10 for 90 points. No playoffs.

Peter: With a record of 42-26-14, the Senators manage to grab a wild card playoff spot. (This is a prediction from the heart, not from the head.)

NKB: The Sens will miss the play-offs in heart-breaking fashion, finishing 4th in the Atlantic with 92 points. This team should be better than last year's edition but when I take a clear-eyed look at it, the depth just isn't there to consider them anything but a fringe candidate for post-season play. If everything goes perfectly, they could finish with a point total in the high 90s and snag one of the Atlantic Division's three guaranteed play-off positions. However if things go poorly, say Erik Karlsson is injured for any length of time, it's easy to imagine a season culiminating with a point total in the low 80s. I'll split the difference.

Ross: I like being the dissenting opinion. I’ll say the Sens glide to third in the Atlantic Division, making the playoffs with a couple weeks to play. I’ll say they go 45-28-9, good enough for 99 points.

Ian: The Sens will squeak in as the top wildcard spot with a record of 43-30-9.

Michaela: The Sens will finish slightly higher than they did last season, and hold onto a playoff spot until the final days of the regular season. They'll just miss the playoffs, and finish 4th in the Atlantic.