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More LeBreton Details Leaked

Senators group bid to include Sensplex-like facility

Bell Sensplex
Bell Sensplex
Alaney2k under Creative Commons

CFRA learned today that the RendezVous LeBreton bid will include a facility similar to existing three Sensplexs. This addition would include two ice pads that would be used by the team for training and practice, as well as being available for community use. Indoor ice surfaces are in short order overall in the city, but especially in the LeBreton area. There is a one-rink arena nearby, then the next closest surfaces are beside Ottawa and Carleton Universities.

Not surprising: it also will include retail, hotel and condo space. That was pretty much a given. A public square is also no surprise on the list, and could make a fantastic "Red Zone" if located right outside the arena.

Also included in the news today was that the bid would include indoor and outdoor performance space for "cultural events". No word if this would be a larger space, like an amphitheatre, or more intimate in nature.

This is all in addition to the news from last week that both proposals included a bid for a new central library. That is a piece that would require co-operation from the city.

Even with these leaks, there are still lots of questions both big and small that remain about both bids. We'll have the opportunity to try to get answers to them next week at the public consultations.