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Sterling Predictions: Scoring Leader

The fourth set of predictions by the Silver Seven staff.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Erik Karlsson led the team with 66 points. Who will lead the team this year in points? Bonus: how many will they score?

Trevor: It's hard to pick anyone else besides Karlsson to lead the team in points. He's simply their best offensive player, even better than the forwards. Playing with a competent Marc Methot all season will help a lot, so I'll say he reaches 75 points.

Ary: As long as Erik Karlsson is an Ottawa Senator, he will lead the team in points. I’m going to shoot for the moon and go with 82 :)

Peter: Kyle Turris with 68 points.

Richard: Mark Stone with 73, but it will be a very tight, multi-horse race.

Ross: Though I picked Stone for 72 points, I'm gonna say Karlsson still leads the team with 75. And that'll be easily enough to lead all defencemen in the league.

Callum: Erik Karlsson will lead the team with 81 points.

Michaela: Erik Karlsson will lead the team in points with 75 points

Ian: Karlsson will again lead the team with 80 points.

B_T: Karlsson, 78 points.

Adnan: It is hard to ever go with anyone except Erik Karlsson on this team. He will lead the team with 82 points.