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Silver Seven Reader Questionnaire

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We're looking to get a bit of feedback from the community

Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

Silver Seven wouldn't be much without its community. The articles would have no point if there weren't people who came to read them every day. The comment sections are home to some of the most in-depth Ottawa Senators discussion on the internet. It makes this place pretty unique.

As you probably already know, we've gone through some changes recently around the site. Our new site manager took over in June, and two new writers have come on board since then. We're looking to keep the things you know and love about the site, but also looking at improving our coverage to better fit what people want. To help with that, we've decided to have a short reader questionnaire, which you can access by clicking here. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete, and we're hoping it will help things out for the fall. It's a chance for us staff to hear what you have to say on some of the regular features and on ways we can improve. The survey will close Monday, August 24th at midnight.

Thank you for your support of the site. Go Sens Go!