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Shane Prince Re-Signs

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The Senators have re-signed promising forward Shane Prince

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

After a successful season in the AHL, and a very brief stint in the NHL, the Sens have re-signed Shane Prince. Although his situation has been overshadowed by the pending Mike Hoffman arbitration case, Prince was probably the Senators' best player in Binghamton this year and remains an important piece of the team's future. His 65 points in 72 games led the Binghamton Senators in scoring and he looked very good in his brief two game stint with the team.

Prince's deal is a 1 year, two-way deal. At the NHL level, Prince is slated to make $700,000, in the AHL he would be paid $120,000. If the Sens are serious about giving young kids an opportunity to make next year's team, Prince should be at the top of the list.